eHarmony Dynamic Profile


This was a project I participated in during eHarmony's Hackathon in 2016. The idea was to create a dynamic match profile using data from the user's social media accounts. My team won Best Project for the 2nd time, and the idea was set to be implemented into the product in the coming months.





• Empty profiles lead to low engagement and frequent complaints from users who feel their matches are low quality or fake because their profiles are empty
• Stale profiles: People who do fill out their profiles are unlikely to come back and update it
• RQ is still too long: After a user completes 150 questions, only 25% of their profile is completed
• High mobile usage: RQ and profile are hard to fill out on a mobile device


Using the following data sources, the user's profile would be automatically generated and therefore serve the user better.

1. eHarmony Data (Book of You, Dimensions of Compatibility)
2. Public Data (Google Maps, Yelp, Zodiac)
3. Permission Data (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify)


• Live Data – The profile is completely filled out for the user. It’s always changing so there will be no empty or stale profiles.
• Living, breathing page – exists without user interaction
• Potential to get users back – matches will be interested in their full, dynamic profile and communicate more